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Measure N:

The Santa Rosa Housing Recovery Bond


For years, we’ve been hearing about the housing crisis we face in Santa Rosa.



Everyone knew there was a problem.

But people couldn’t agree on the solution.

After the fires, community leaders from all sides agreed to set aside their differences and come together to solve this problem. Yes on Measure N - the Santa Rosa Housing Recovery Bond campaign is an outgrowth of that desire to seek the broadest possible coalition of stakeholders to meet this challenge – from nonprofit housing builders to union labor, environmentalists, locally owned businesses, major institutions and local elected officials.

Our goal is to produce housing for all income levels, to benefit the health and economy of everyone in Santa Rosa.

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Will you join us?

We’re building this campaign from the ground up, with the aim of passing an $124 Million funding stream on this November's ballot.

We expect market-rate ownership and rental needs to be met privately, and therefore this funding would go to subsidizing gaps in the affordable housing market. This program is being modeled on other ballot measures passed successfully in recent years in the Bay Area.

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A solution for Santa Rosa.

Three-quarters of the funds would be directed towards housing that serves extremely low, very low and low-income households (0-80% of Area Median Income, or “AMI”). The remaining quarter of funds would help homeowners affected by the fires, new homeowners and for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units, sometimes called ‘granny units’), up to 120% AMI.

If successful, projects could submit and qualify for funds within a year of passage. We are also designing this program to pursue all available federal and state housing matching funds, seeking up to a $8.50-to-$1 leverage (as experienced in Alameda, which recently enacted a housing bond of their own). This could turn this $124 Million program into a $700 Million fund dedicated to supporting the construction of affordable and workforce housing for generations to come.


Housing Priority Needs:

  • Financial help for those who lost a home in the fires

  • Address Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) goals

  • Permanent supportive housing for homeless

  • Housing intended for seniors, veterans, disabled & others with limited incomes

  • In places near transit & work spaces to meet environmental targets